Deborah Stevenson with her beloved French Bulldog, Soren   Photo (c) M. Nicole Fischer

Deb Stevenson's lifelong love of animals and writing have frequently intersected over the years, resulting in numerous articles written for animal-related publications, websites, a regular column for JustFrenchies magazine, and children's books.  When her son was young, reading together was a treasured time they shared.  This spurred her desire to write books that other parents could enjoy with their children.  Currently a Product Marketing Manager, Deb also worked as a technical writer for over a decade.  She lives in New Jersey with her son and their three dogs and enjoys training for and competing in the sport of dog agility.

Deb with her Rat Terriers, Ferris (left) and Remus (right)

Deb has always had a special affinity for dogs.  As a child, she wanted a dog so badly that her kindergarten teacher mentioned it on her report card.  As an adult, dogs have always played an important role in her life and as part of her family.

Deb with her French Bulldog, Audra ... Soren's daughter and the first Frenchie to become and AKC dual champion in Conformation and Agility.

Deb with her French Bulldog, Audra ... Soren's daughter and the first Frenchie to become and AKC dual champion in Conformation and Agility.

Deb became involved in dog sports when she adopted Muzzy, a Doberman from a shelter, who had been abused.  Muzzy was understandably timid, and Deb started taking her to obedience classes to try to build her confidence.  Muzzy was so worried about being wrong that her instructor suggested trying dog agility to see if she would lighten up and have some fun.  Though Muzzy's fear of certain obstacles limited what they could do in dog agility, she and Deb both had some fun, and it spurred Deb's interest in the sport.

Muzzy was the sweetest soul.  In addition to being Deb's first performance dog, she was a marvelous therapy dog who formed a deep connection with the seniors she visited.

When Soren came along, he would change Deb's life forever and an interest in agility would become a passion for both Deb and Soren.  Soren became a favorite in the agility community for both his loving personality and his love for the sport.  

Soren's daughter, Audra, joined the family in 2009 after becoming a breed champion.  She was smart and athletic and needed a job to do.  Audra shared her father's big heart and talent for agility, but unlike her dad, who did anything asked of him, she had her own ideas and made it clear her agility journey would be her way or no way.   She was always amusing and found many creative ways to derail an otherwise nice agility run.  Still, she did manage to earn her agility championship in her own time and with her own unique style, and in doing so, became the first French Bulldog in history to be a dual champion in AKC.

Soren's daughter Audra, sails over the triple jump.

Deb currently competes in agility with her Rat Terrier, Remus.  Remus's passion for the sport is very evident and his speed on course is both spectacular and challenging. 

Remus, a very fast and very athletic Rat Terrier, is Deb's current competition agility dog

Still a work in progress and just starting to compete, is her other Rat Terrier, Ferris.  Ferris is a happy and comical little fellow -- always smiling and loves everyone.

Ferris is a young Rat Terrier with a happy-go-lucky and enthusiast outlook on life

Deb's unique and wonderful bond with her French Bulldog, Soren, was the inspiration for her first children's book, Soaring Soren:  When French Bulldogs Fly.  

Deb and Soren