Books: Oy, Elephants!  NOW AVAILABLE!



There's BIG fun to be had at Delray Retirment Village!

Joel is a bit uncertain when he travels to visit his grandparents in Delray Beach, Florida. He is excited to see them, but afraid he might be bored at their quiet retirement village. Imagine his surprise when he meets his grandparents' new neighbors--a pair of retired circus elephants who just moved in. They require lots of sunscreen, they're too big for the furniture, and they turn the community pool into a water park!

It looks like Joel might end up having an adventure after all!

OY, ELEPHANTS!  Watch the official book trailer to preview the BIG fun!


Warm and Funny:  A celebration of grandparents, community and good neighbors!

To learn about the story behind Oy, Elephants!, check out this blog entry!

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to charities that help elephant conservation efforts!  If you would like to help, please visit:

Save the Elephants

Stop Ivory

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust   Among other initiatives, this organization takes in orphaned elephants and rhinos, raises them and then prepares them to be successfully released back into the wild. You can "foster" a baby elephant or rhino, and not only will your donation help care for these animals, but you will receive regular updates on their progress. It's a great activity for a classroom, a scout troop or to share with a child in your life. It's rewarding for grown ups as well and makes a wonderful and meaningful gift. Meet our fosters from this program: Sattao the elephant, who was found alone and in terrible condition, and Solio the rhino, who was orphaned due to poachers.

Photos (c) David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust