Coming on World Rhino Day ... September 22, 2018!


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Ayubu roams the African savanna with his mother, Nthanda, and their friend Imari, the cattle egret. Life is peaceful and happy for the baby rhinoceros. That is, until he’s faced with a tragic and unforeseen challenge. “Promise me you will be brave,” his mother tells him— but it’s a lot to ask of a baby who doesn’t even have his horns yet! As Ayubu grows into a handsome young rhino, he discovers friendship and new happiness with a bold little elephant named Raziya. When one of their playful adventures goes awry, Raziya finds herself in grave danger. With his best friend in peril, Ayubu must confront his greatest fear. Can the young rhino keep his promise to his mother and be brave?

A touching story of family and friendship, loss and courage, and above all, hope.

Kids ... learn more about how you can be a rhino hero and help rhinos! You can start helping just by buying and reading this book!

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Poaching is a real and dire threat to the world's rhinoceros population. A significant portion of the proceeds from this book will go to charities that help protect the future of rhinos.

Want to help? Learn more about organizations that help rhinos and what you can do at these websites:

Adopt a rhino! Orphaned babies due to poaching are all too common and they need extensive care that costs money. Adopting a baby in need is a great way to help. It also makes a wonderful classroom or scouting project! Organizations with foster programs include: