This photo was the inspiration for Frog Prince Books name and logo

This photo was the inspiration for Frog Prince Books name and logo


Welcome to Frog Prince Books ...

The logo and name are inspired by my French Bulldog, Soren. Frenchies are often referred to as "frogs" or "frog dogs" and Soren was most certainly a prince among dogs.

Reading with my son when he was a child was very special time we spent together.  As a parent, there is true joy in experiencing the magic of books through the eyes of your children.  I hoped one day to write children's books that parents could enjoy with their kids, and Frog Prince Books was born out of that dream.

Frog Prince Books' first children's book, Soaring Soren, is based on the true story of how Soren the French Bulldog became the first dog of his breed ever to earn an AKC Master Agility Championship (MACH).  Despite his extra-large head, short legs and stocky frame, Soren managed to achieve the highest levels in the athletic sport of Dog Agility.  He did so mostly because it never occurred to him that he could not, and because he loved doing anything and everything with me.  

Soren's heart and determination for everything he did were remarkable, and allowed him to achieve things one would not have thought possible. I hope his book will not only serve as a wonderful legacy for an amazing dog, but that Soren will prove as inspirational as a children's book character as he was in real life, teaching kids the power of believing in yourself and never allowing the opinions of others to limit what you can accomplish.

I hope that future books will inspire children as well--to be kind to other people and other creatures, to think about things a little differently than they did before, to laugh, to dream their own dreams and make them come true, and to discover a lifelong love for reading.